New Release: Colorful Alphabets

New this month: alphabets! Featuring a bright color palette, these letters can be combined to make your own phrases and names for all sorts of art. Especially a kid’s room!

alphabet release

You guys have seen hints of these letters in some of my patterns in the Words and Alphabets collection.

This month, I finally finished taking it to the next level to give you FULL flexibility to make your own! You can choose from both uppercase OR lowercase letters. Or, you can combine them for your own customized charts. I kept the symbols, scale, and color choices nearly identical so you can mix and match as you please. Or you could stitch them as a full chart and display as art in a nursery or classroom! (Don’t let the mockups fool you, A-Z is all there!)

Truth be told, the alphabets took considerably longer than most of the other patterns I’ve created. They are highly stylized compared to other alphabets I probably COULD have done as the first release, so I suppose I was a little ambitious on this first attempt. They are basically 26 patterns each per set! That means you’ve got 52 NEW patterns to play with this month, ha! I hope you enjoy them and can’t wait to see what you create. Despite the number of patterns, I chose to format it into only two downloads to allow you to get more out of your subscriptions this month if you had your eye on some of my other patterns.

If these are popular, I am more than happy to take your requests for new lettering ideas. I have a few still in the works but as I mentioned, these take some work to be ready for publishing!

If you’re a current monthly or annual member, you can download up to four of my patterns this month. Lifetime members get unlimited access. Get your needle and thread ready, and let’s start stitching!

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