New Releases: Sunglass Husky & Blue Jellyfish

Two new “photorealistic” patterns to finish off this month of fun designs: a dog wearing sunglasses and a moody jellyfish!

sunglass husky cross stitch pattern - dog with sunglasses
blue jellyfish cross stitch pattern

Earlier this month, I released two of my biggest patterns to date: colorful alphabets. But, I still wanted to keep to my goal of releasing even more this month, so I am throwing in these photo designs because they were too fun to pass up!

Sunglass Husky

This dog is just plain cool. Featuring a husky pup with galaxy-inspired sunnies, this pattern is so fun! With nearly 40 colors, this one will take you a while to finish, but I think it will be more than worth the time you spend on it.

sunglass husky cross stitch pattern - dog with sunglasses
Blue Jellyfish

I’ve been inspired by lots of sea life pictures as of late, and when I saw this one, I knew it had to be made into a pattern! The white jellyfish almost seems to glow against the dark blue background, and the bubbles and waves in the background add a little somethin’. Like the husky, this one has quite a few colors (29) and will take you some time to complete at 10.4″x10.4″ (you can make the pattern overall a smaller size if you use a larger count Aida fabric).

blue jellyfish cross stitch pattern

I suppose if you wanted to eliminate some of the work, you could do the jellyfish alone and then stop when you got to the surrounding ocean parts. If you choose to do that, I highly recommend a dark fabric so the jellyfish can pop! Grab them both today from the animals collection.

If these are popular, I am more than happy to take requests. I got one this month to combine all the seasonal tree patterns together so all 4 seasons are depicted together (I plan to separate them into sections of pink, green, blue, and orange leaves!). I have a few other ocean-inspired patterns still in the works too!

If you’re a current monthly or annual member, you can download up to four of my patterns this month. Lifetime members get unlimited access. Get your needle and thread ready, and let’s start stitching!

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