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Technically, this site is still brand new (YAY!!) so there really isn’t a “frequently asked question” in existence yet to add to this list. I’m just guessing on some common things I might get asked about in the future!

Please also remember to BE KIND; this site was made with love and built by one person who has a toddler and many distractions. So if there’s something going wrong, please don’t get frustrated — I’m here to help and get it fixed as best I know how! Email me at contact [AT] uglyducklinghouse [DOT] com or DM me on Instagram @needlespark.

(replace the “[at] and [dot] with their obvious @ and . symbols; this is unfortunately how I have to list it out to limit spam emails, but I want to make sure these aren’t buried in my inbox!)

If you don’t find your answers below or need clarification, just reach out. Your help in this matter will improve the list of FAQ below and make them more accurate to issues others may be facing. Thanks so much and I hope you love these patterns!

Please email me immediately so I know what’s going on. I have done all the troubleshooting steps to create test scenarios with the paid plans to make sure things work smoothly, but as early launch members, you are the very first users of this site. I’m eager to know if there’s a hiccup my tests did not catch and want to fix it for you ASAP!

If you created an account but did not sign up for any of the paid subscription plans (Monthly, Annual, or Lifetime), then you don’t have a plan associated with your account and cannot download. Head to the Pricing page to select your plan and you can begin downloading!

If you DO have a paid subscription plan, it may be a “coming soon” collection. These are usually labeled in the description of the collection or say “coming soon” beneath the picture (I’m working as we speak to make this messaging more obvious based on some of your feedback already!). I’m working on these daily to add new patterns all the time too! Be on the lookout for emails as well for when I announce new additions.

While it SHOULD be automatically allowing you to reset your password, if you aren’t able to do so on your own, please email me.

Due to the nature of digital downloadable products, it isn’t possible to return previously downloaded items. Once you’ve begun using your membership by downloading patterns, I cannot offer refund requests for the current membership period. If you have a monthly or annual membership, I can cancel the next billing cycle on your behalf (you can also cancel the next billing cycle on your own as well inside of your profile). If there are any issues, please reach out to me through the Contact Form or send a direct message through Instagram @needlespark.

Monthly memberships and annual memberships have the same monthly download limit (4 per month). The annual membership benefit is that it is more discounted than the monthly membership rate. Each month, the download limit refreshes and you will be able to download more patterns. If there is an error in this, email me and I will check the backend for you.

I uploaded LOTS of patterns in anticipation of the launch and did my best to test all of them for accuracy. But if for example you clicked on the “Be Kind” pattern and it downloads the “Glowing Butterfly” pattern in error, please let me know! I’ll make sure you get the right pattern and correct it for others so they don’t run into the same issue. Thanks for your patience.